AYOSMS! APIs are developed based on HTTP method, which makes the interaction with AYOSMS! as simple and easy as typing the URL into a web browser and navigate. You can write use any application written in other programming languages with built-in HTTP requests support to integrate with the API.

AYOSMS! APIs support both HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests. AYOSMS! creates an additional layer of security by assigning a unique AYOSMS! API Key to your account and authenticates every requests sent from your application to further protect your privacy.

AYOSMS! API Specification

Using our simple HTTP API to extend our services from your own apps. AYOSMS! SMS API allows you to automate SMS communication with a greater level of control and customization.
Our premium route are all Indonesia GSM Carriers. We call it premium because we can guarantee for masking SMS delivery.
AYOSMS! is connected to over 200 countries and we ensure quality routes for your message delivery as well as real time status of your messages through handset delivery report when supported by carriers. AYOSMS! SMS API only supports 7-bit characters with a maximum of 400 characters per message.

Content Type

AYOSMS! SMS API supports both HTTP GET and HTTP POST method, please specify the input type of application/x-www-form-urlencoded for HTTP POST request. Note that all inputs should be fully URL encoded with Unicode UTF-8 encoding.


All requests to AYOSMS! APIs are authenticated with your AYOSMS! account's API Key, which you can find under Account Management > My Account after login to AYOSMS! Portal.