Question: What is AYOSMS! service?

Answer: We provide an easy way to send large amount SMSs (or some people called bulk SMS) for enterprise and organisations.

Question: Who will get benefit from AYOSMS! service?

  • Organisation who have a lot of members and wants to send information immediately. (Political Party, School/University, Otomotive Club, etc)
  • Brands who want to do a digital marketing campaign. (Restaurant, e-Store, SOHO, etc)
  • Those who want to send periodic reminder such as invoices, monthly meeting, monthly payment, etc (Leasing Company, Web Hosting, etc)
  • Hospitality industry and Amusement Center to send their events. (Night Club, Pub, Discotheque, Lounge, Restaurant, Bar, etc)
  • Enterprises with massive amount of customer (Hospital, Bank, Leasing Company, etc)