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OTP - One Time PIN
Blocks "robots" that are used for spam and fraud. PIN codes are expire within minutes.

What is OTP?

OTP stand for One Time PIN, is a 2-factor authentication mechanism by sending a secret code to user's cellphone.

No additional cost, just plain SMS credit

There is no additional cost to use our OTP service. Your balance will credited for each on success SMS OTP request.

Advantages of using OTP

You application will get a boost in security and gain more customer trust. No more spam, no more fake account, no more robots. All these without additional cost, you pay only for each SMS send.

OTP Usecase

Here are some examples on how SMS OTP will increase your application security:
  • Account registration
  • Password reset
  • Account recovery
  • Online commerce
  • Passwordless application

How OTP works

Just integrate our API into your app and let our system do the rest. Discover how we consistently deliver one of the highest verification rates in the industry.

These are steps to OTP integration:
  1. Your application send an API call OTP request to specified phone number.
  2. AYOSMS! will respond your API call with a "confirmation code".
  3. AYOSMS! send SMS "PIN code" to end-user. SMS is sent with your brandname as sender number. You can send custom message as well.
  4. End-user will receive the SMS and input "PIN code" back to your app.
  5. Your app verify "PIN code" along side with "confirmation code" back to AYOSMS! by requesting a verification check API call.
  6. AYOSMS! will respond "verified" if "PIN code" and "confirmation code" is a match.
  7. Your app will continue to the next process.

OTP SMS Diagram

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