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HLR Lookup - Number Validation
Easy way to check number validity

HLR (Home Location Register)

HLR is an abbreviation of Home Location Register. This is part of the telecommunications infrastructure used in mobile networks to store information about subscribers, it supports connection pooling.

Why to use HLR?

Checking the number in the HLR database is a service that is implemented for more efficient database management. It allows you to check the home GSM network for selected number and verify if number is correct and active. This way you can exclude wrong numbers from the database, and check which network does the number belong to.

Advantages of using HLR

The availability of such a service is a great convenience for businesses that buy a number database, due to the possibility of carrying out advance checks on their quality.
In addition, segregation of numbers in a database according to their home GSM network, can prevent wasting cost of sending SMS to wrong or invalid mobile number.

HLR Lookup Coverage

Our HLR Lookup covers all operators that support HLR Lookup service.

How Number Validation works

Three methods of checking the number: single, bulk from file and using API interface.

When you send us query we're asking mobile network's Home Location Register (that's where HLR shortcut comes from) to provide us information about specific mobile number, in return we can receive:
  • Basic information whether selected number is valid or not (it can be never registered or deactivated)
  • Identification of temporary issues, like turned off phone
  • Information whether mobile number was ported from one network to another
  • Information about current mobile provider that selected number belongs to

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