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All Cellphones

Text message is the the highest success rate in terms of reaching more audiences with over 98% open rate.
You can reach almost every phone out there! There is no need to install apps, whether it run iOS, Blackberry, Android or just Nokia 40 and any legacy OS.
No need to use data plan with GPRS/3G/HSPDA/4G capability, as long as the phone is able to receive incoming call than it's enough.

All Cellphones
Why SMS is Important
Who use SMS Marketing?

Who use SMS Marketing?

With the capability to reach almost every phones, every business can harvest the benefits of SMS Marketing.
Here are some of examples:

  • Big organisation with hundreds to millions of member who want to send a short quick info. (Goverment Institutions, Schools and Universities, Clubs, etc)
  • Brands.(Restaurants, Shops, F&B, etc)
  • Those who wants to send repeated infos such as bills and invoices etc. (Leasing Company, Web Hosting, etc)
  • Hospitality Industries and Event Organizers. (Night Club, Pub, Discotique, Lounge, MICE Organizers, etc)

Email vs SMS vs OTT

Email vs SMS vs OTT

Dibandingkan Email dengan isi pesan yang lebih banyak, SMS dengan karakteristik pesan yang jauh lebih singkat namun SMS jauh lebih "personal" sehingga lebih cepat dibaca dan dipercaya penerimanya.
Bagaimana dengan OTT (Over-The-Top) Application seperti Whatsapp, Blackberry Messanger, Line, dan lainnya? Walaupun dari sisi harga relatif lebih murah (tergantung apakah aplikasinya berbayar atau gratis), dengan semakin veriasinya OTT Apps mengakibatkan semakin membingungkannya kita untuk dapat mengirimkan pesan. Belum lagi mengirimkan pesan dalam jumlah sangat banyak melalui OTT tidaklah mudah karena tergantung dari bisa-tidaknya aplikasi tersebut.

Parameter Email SMS OTT
First Reach Slow Instant (if signal is good) Instant (if data connection available)
Average Open Rate 23% (depending of industry 98% 90%
Cost High (desktop/smartphone price) Low (featured/budget phone) Medium (smartphone price)
Personalization High (rich content) Medium (medium) High (rich content)
Engagement Very Low High High
Distractibility Medium High Low (if your messages come without a sound)
Click Through Rates 4.2% 19% 12% (private message not group)
Global Users 3.6billion 7.3billion depends on each apps

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